Happiness Habits

Happiness Habits are clear, simple statements that guide people to happy, spiritually successful lives. Based on in depth interviews and studies of habitually happy people from all life situations, Happiness Habits express the values, beliefs, habits, ideals and boundaries habitually happy people use to maintain their characteristic good cheer and protect themselves from stress and distress.

Our research reveals how habitually happy think, act and feel and why their approach works so well. Embrace and adopt the habits of happy people and you will become happy or happier yourself. Make Happiness YOUR Habit, Adopt Happiness Habits! Here are some examples from How To Live A Happy Life:

  • Make Goodness Your Guiding Goal - Continually try to do your best, feel your best and be at YOUR best all of the time. When we focus on doing good things, we feel good. This is an illustration of the First Law of Happiness: Our Focus Determines Our Feelings. You will never feel better or improve your performance by focusing on how badly you feel or on how poorly you think you are doing. Clear Goals Help Define The Steps To Attain Them.

  • Creatively Reinvent Dull, Dreary or Difficult Tasks To Make Them Fun & Rewarding - Turn tasks into games, involve others, work with music, take pride in doing simple things extraordinarily well. Great plans are worthless without the dedication, determination and enthusiasm to achieve them.

  • Fuel Your Life And Your Work With Fun - Decide what you're going to do and then find ways to make what you have to do enjoyable and meaningful. Making Work Fun Makes It Easy To Get Work Done.

  • Avoid The Fault Finding Feel Goods - All those terribly tempting tendencies to judge, criticize, blame and complain. By finding fault we're elevating ourselves, but we're still focusing on negatives. That's NOT the path to happiness or spiritual success.

  • Beating Yourself Up Reinforces Errors You Want To Avoid - Turn anger and anguish over errors into a focused determination to acquire and strengthen skills that will help you succeed and be happy in the future. Reliving and repeating errors and wrongs reinforces them in your mind!

  • Touch People With A Positive Spirit - If you summon up a genuine sense of fun and sparkle and honestly project it, you can't help but take on a more positive mood yourself. You might just brighten someone else's day as well.

  • Choose Your Mood and Your Attitude - Decide how you want to think, act, feel and go through life. Don't hand control of your thoughts, actions or feelings over to people who are trying to harm or harass you. Don't help them hurt you.

  • Misery Is Meant To Make Us Move - Misery signals that something is changing or needs to change. We need to change to end the misery. Listen to what misery is trying to tell you and make changes to strengthen your happiness and spiritual success.

  • "Success" Does NOT Equal Happiness People who chase after "Success" thinking it will bring them happiness are often disappointed. There are lots of successful people who are not especially happy. Happiness and success are two very different things.

  • Avoid All Unnecessary, Non-Productive Negativity - Amazing improvements in happiness come from simply eliminating all negativity that's not necessary or productive.

  • Love Propels Happiness - The happiest people are usually the most loving people. They love what they do, they love the people around them, they love their work and they love themselves. Love is the basis for ALL happiness. Deciding to love more is a conscious choice we can make make. The best way to excel at anything is to cultivate a love for it. The more we decide to love, the greater our happiness and spiritual success.

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