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Happy Life TV was created and produced by Michele Moore to share skills & strategies that help people live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Many of the secrets and skills to living a happy, fulfilling life are described in How To Live A Happy Life - 101 Ways To Be Happier which is available in book stores near you, 

The Happiness Habit® concept grew from a study and series of interviews with habitually happy, genuinely joyous people from all walks of life. We found habitually happy people have a very distinctive way of looking at the world that fuels their ever present good humor and helps protect them from emotional pain, stress and distress.

"We all want to be happy, but there's surprising little literature of real value that describes HOW to go about living a happy life. This show seeks to fill this need."

"Many people chase after success thinking greater happiness will come from success but they are often very disappointed. Happiness and success are two very different things. There are lots of very successful people who are not especially happy."

"Virtue, Goodness and Compassion for others is central to happiness" she says. "These themes have been echoed by all the great writers and philosophers  throughout time."

"Habitually happy people have very high ethics, values and integrity.  Selfishness and excessive self concern is a direct route to unhappiness. You cannot hurt another person without hurting your own happiness."

Make Happiness YOUR Habit! See How To Live A Happy Life - 101 Ways To Be Happier for more secrets and skills to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Do you have thoughts, insights, or favorite tips on leading a happier life? Contact us through Info at and we'll share them. We may even ask you to be on the show!

Wishing you great happiness,

Michele Moore & The Happiness Habit TV Team

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